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Name Comment Email Date Signed In
Bloodclot Joe Me Tink dis site is'nt bad seen. Keep up de gud wok seen [mailto:Me.Naw.Ave.One@Seen.Com] 19/06/2001
Sachien Hi T, how are you? Nice picture of your son! This e-mail address is valif till July 1, 2001. Cheers [mailto:s.raghoe@kpn.com] 09/05/2001
Debs Testing out how this thing works! [mailto:adsf] 24/04/2001
Harpal Sanghera Heres my email - cs97hhs@brunel.ac.uk [mailto:cs97hhs@brunel.ac.uk] 28/11/2000
Shaff Mughal Heres my email - shaff_mughal@uip.com [mailto:shaff_mughal@uip.com] 28/11/2000
Melanie Rose Heres my email - melanier@lewispr.com [mailto:melanier@lewispr.com] 28/11/2000
Ingrid King Heres my email - Ingrid.King@ra.gsi.gov.uk [mailto:Ingrid.King@ra.gsi.gov.uk] 28/11/2000
Senol Mehmet Heres my email - Senol.Mehmet@ra.gsi.gov.uk [mailto:Senol.Mehmet@ra.gsi.gov.uk] 28/11/2000
Elizabeth Stevenson Heres my email - qattusa@hotmail.com [mailto:qattusa@hotmail.com] 28/11/2000
Robert Zogbessou Heres my email - Robert.Zogbessou@cmgplc.co.uk [mailto:Robert.Zogbessou@cmgplc.co.uk] 28/11/2000
Kia Altenburger Heres my email - Kia_Altenburger@uip.com [mailto:Kia_Altenburger@uip.com] 28/11/2000
Deborah Constant Heres my email - debbie.constant@northgate-is.com [mailto:debbie.constant@northgate-is.com] 28/11/2000
Adam Ashawe Heres my email - madaash@usa.net [mailto:madaash@usa.net] 28/11/2000
Cherie Williams Heres my email - clwilliams_76@hotmail.com [mailto:clwilliams_76@hotmail.com] 28/11/2000
James Anderson Heres my email - James.Anderson@marks-and-spencer.com [mailto:James.Anderson@marks-and-spencer.com] 28/11/2000
Lorena Baird Heres my email - Lorena_baird@uip.com [mailto:Lorena_baird@uip.com] 28/11/2000
Mina Mistry Heres my email - minam@micropal.com [mailto:minam@micropal.com] 28/11/2000
Peter Hall Heres my email - Peter_hall@uip.com [mailto:Peter_hall@uip.com] 28/11/2000
Robin Pogson Heres my email - Robin_Pogson@uip.com [mailto:Robin_Pogson@uip.com] 28/11/2000
Sachien Raghoe Heres my email - sachien.raghoe@turnkiek.nl [mailto:sachien.raghoe@turnkiek.nl] 28/11/2000
Ufuoma Koloko Heres my email - missdeltaste@hotmail.com [mailto:missdeltaste@hotmail.com] 28/11/2000
Pablo Salmeron Heres my email - pablo_salmeron@uip.com [mailto:pablo_salmeron@uip.com] 28/11/2000
Ufy Koloko Heres my email - missdeltastate@hotmail.com [mailto:missdeltastate@hotmail.com] 28/11/2000
Alma Kucera Heres my email - Alma.Kucera@compaq.com [mailto:Alma.Kucera@compaq.com] 28/11/2000
Rosemeen Troy you are the best [mailto:Rosemeenj@hotmail.com] 01/11/2000
Chucky Kosher seen!!!! [mailto:Chucky@barclays.net] 06/10/2000
Troy Stevenson This is a Great Site even if I do say so Myself!!! [mailto:Troy_Stevenson@DifferentLevels.Com] 05/10/2000